Complete slow down!

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Regular viewer? Like it? Please help this site out! With school, problems, real-life, other things, it’s hard to keep this going. So if you don’t mind, could you help this site out? We’re also looking for mods, please apply with some reasons, by commenting here, or on my projects. Thanks!

~Penguinsrock AKA Koolykey


Love this site even the tiniest bit?

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Well, I really get cought up in tons of stuff yet we keep this going. So please also help me out, and vote me as a mod. Your head would explode if you saw all my wonderful listed reasons! Vote here:

This month’s featured!

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This month, it’s Memory Paint! A painting game, where you draw, hit the spacebar and it plays back your drawing! Cool, eh? Check out the page now! Sorry there hasn’t been many posts lately, I haven’t been on Scratch much…

This month’s featured project!

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Check out this page for this month’s featured project! Sorry it took so long to feature a project………..I couldn’t find quite the right one, and then school…………….But better late than never! So here it is! Picasso, by Greatdane.

Scratch Olympics!!

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Hey hey! Penguinsrock’s here, giving you updates! The user technoman, has got an amazing idea! Scratch Olympics. All the teams need to make a game or animation TOGETHER. People make individual games/animations to score themselves some points! For more info click here!

~Penguinsrock AKA Koolykey, A proud member of Canadian 1337 Avengers!

Scratch 1.4 out!

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Wow, it’s been a while since we last posted! Well, Scratch 1.4 is officially released! No longer a release candidate, Scratch 1.4 is out and about, ready to download. So, what do you think of this new version? *cue grumpy old men* Pretty cool, eh?
~starbarlol1 AKA ColaXD2

Cola’s task

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For editing and creating day, I’ll be doing a page called “Featured This Month”. It’s a page where we put projects we have found and thought that they should be recognized. It’s like the featured projects on Scratch, but without the Scratch team’s opinion. That means no educational things, unless we like it ;)! It will advertise undiscovered projects, and possibly score them a place on the front page of the actual Scratch site! I’ll be in charge of that awesomesaucy page.
~starbarlol1 AKA ColaXD2
EDIT:Sorry, I haven’t done it yet! MUST DO SOON!!!


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It’s editing and creating day, from July 13, 09 – July 16, 09!
We’ll be editing post and pages, and creating new ones. We might be cleaning up the site, we’ll be improving the site overall! So come back to check what’s new. Here’s my status(cola will posting hers)

I’m working on updating my about me page, my anthro stuff, etc. I’ll also try to write the anthro talez chapters.

~Kooly Key AKA Penguinsrock

Scratch 1.4 beta/release canidate!

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It’s been out for awhile. Though not officially released, the release canidate is here! Click here to download and get more info!

~Kooly Key AKA Penguinsrock

For all those that need math help…

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BoltBait has created a project that helps you get your answers for homework. Specifically, root reductions. So if you have to reduce anything (okay, not anything obviously) it will surely help. It’s a featured project, but, hey I’ll put a link anyways.

Scratch Project
~starbarlol1 AKA ColaXD2

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